With swelling and sensitive voice, Anne Malin draws from minimalism and outsider folk to entrance her audience.

Joined by long-time collaborator and partner William Ellis Johnson, the duo combines their passions with striking certainty. Will, a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, met Anne Malin when they were both sixteen. Collaborating through their teen years and into their twenties, their music is the product of vast emotional growth and acquired intuition into the other’s interior.


Described as “deceptively rich” by Bandcamp and “unsettling” by NPR, the duo’s bold intimacy carries them across genre boundaries and creates an entrancing experience.






The Line of Best Fit: "introspective and gorgeously poetic music that is full of emotion and atmosphere"

Ravelin Magazine: "the exquisite lyrics, the music, and integration of sound all combine to form a well wrought whole"

Atwood Magazine: "it hits with a profound weight that sinks the heart and soul"

©2016 by Anne Malin.